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lost painting ~ by titian june 1527

titian | mantua italy

titians ~ 12 th night ~ 


the authentication

this painting was bought at auction - june 1984
harold e wethey was at the auction
after the auction mr wethey told
us that the painting was absolutely a titian

 mr weathy had studied the painting for over a week
he was sent to buy it for
bauder college  in georgia
mr weathey made a mistake in bidding

we got the painting

mr wethey was the leading authority on titian


all books about titian speak of this large painting as being delivered 
to federigo gonzaga june 1527

the sitters
titian - gonzaga - pietro aretino - caesar maximillian -
eleonora gonzaga - isabella d este gonzaga
the image of the man  keeping the livestock is hieronimo adorno  - 

adorno had recently died - he is shown with a halo over his head


scholars have looked for a single portrait of aretino.
their translations were not accurate

link here ~ go to page 433 italian ~ go to page 317 english

titian letter suggest using pietro aretino as the third wiseman
"a man who will preach your virtues as saint paul "

  the image of pietro aretino is free
  the image of old adorno, is also free