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gypsy Madonna - the giorgione

zorzi | gypsy madonna

zorzi da castelfranco ~ the giorgione
re translation * giorgione meanes number one of the saint george artist colony at venice

nothing to do with big george
zorzi was a small person - as shown later

this is a presentation of two paintings.
  only one book for reference.
herbert cook -GIORGIONE -dated 1900 -1904 -2008

the two paintings are zorzis mandolari madonna c 1499
the famous gypsy madonna - date is unclear
date and author is under review - see wikipedia

cook speaks of two similar paintings - a riddle
one is the ROVIGO version
the other is the VIENNA version - the gypsy madonna
this is our solution

mandolari madonna
 painting by zorzi da castelfranco

this person is maria vendramin ~

a jewish lady

married to taddeo contarini



mandolari hill
a gate to the complex is on the far left -  it has a door in it
this is a noon view 

the gypsy madonna is a late afternoon view
-copied from the sleeping venus


compare to the mandolari madonna - you be the judge which is best



sleeping venus
ia very accurate view
at este pd italy
the buildings on the right are vigna contarini [still in existance - modified ]

zorzi painted the extra buildings in the castelfranco alterpiece
zorzi painted the   gate and  door  in the sleeping venus


detail of the mandolari madonna

this is taddeo contarini ~ the husband of the sitter


the mark of zorzi


detail from the castelfranco alterpiece
the  building is also in zorzi madonna
a 90^ TURN

zorzi da castelfranco
mark- signature




link - giorgione -- 1900 version ----ROVIGO titian curiously right and curiously wrong

1900 version is the best

link- HERBERT COOK book printed 1900 -1904 - 2008-

click here - page 2

click here - to enter the world of zorzi